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Adaobi Nelson, 3rd Class Graduate submitted Her Visa Application By Herself and Awaiting Approval

This Is The Most Reliable and Fastest Pathway to Relocate to Canada legally!

I’m Daniel SO 

  • Nigeria-Born but Global citizen, travel abroad educational consultant
  • Helped 137 people (Individual/Families) moved to Canada successfully and thousands of students currently putting in their application
  • Shares quality travel information and update with over 140,000 readers across West, East, Central and South Africa weekly
  • Manages the Largest and growing Canadian Hopeful audience across Africa on Telegram in over 10’s of thousand
  • My Story has Appeared on different Mainstream News/Education Media blogs in my home country


  • Anyone IELTS is stopping your relocation to Canada goals.
  • Age is limiting your CRS [Comprehensive Ranking System] cut-off score, maybe you’re too young or old
  • Zero or No work experience preventing you from moving to Canada permanently
  • Your educational qualification isn’t enough to immigrate to Canada legally
  • You don’t have any form of ties/relation in Canada and loosing out point to enter the EE pool

Hey Why Canada You Asked?

1. Ranked No.1 Quality of lifestyle. Healthcare, Light, Road, Transport. All civic and luxurious amenities provided

2. Currently No 6 Most-powerful passport. Has visa-free access to 183 countries.

Do you desire a Canadian passport too?

With a Canadian Passport, you do not require visa to visit: 

  • United State of America.
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • Germany.
  • Japan.
  • Ireland.
  • Italy.
  • Sweden.
  • Norway.

Feedback From Users of This Guide:

If you learn all you need to relocate to Canada now, will you start preparing and parking your bags?



How a Graduate Trainee Relocated to Canada Within 76 Days without using any Travel Agent or submitting IELTS academic test result following 2 most-neglected secret revealed to A Top Travel Coach



And how you can follow the same easy pathway to Canada in 2021

Secret #1: You can Relocate to Canada legally without using any travel agent or knowing any Embassy Official in 2021

2 Myths about Visa agent or Travel agencies

1. Lies: Your subconscious is saying you can’t do it yourself

Truth: You Can Apply and Get Any Visa Yourself. Nearly half of visa applicants know it. Most are gripped by fear – the fear of visa denial. The fears are just baseless – the fear of the unknown.

2. Lies: Visa Application Success is Entirely/ 100% Guaranteed

Truth: it’s laughable seeing fliers with prints like “Visa success 100% guaranteed. One wonders if the embassy of whatever country they offer visa services are on promo or you agent is a friend to the country president. 

We have few countries that has 100% guaranteed like Dubai and many African countries as an African immigrant. Rest are 98% after all done. They aren’t the alpha and omega of your visa application.  Granting a visa is the sole discretion of visa officials. 

Can you truly see you don’t need any so-called agent to fulfil your Canadian relocation goals? 

Secret #2: You can Relocate to Canada within 90 days without writing academic IELTS exam



IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. IELTS has up to 5 test dates per month. 


Untold secret: In recent times, The exam body has been dealing with anyone writing it for purpose of immigration or going to study

They score you low. They want to keep making money off you. Cost average of N75k or GHS 980.00 or GBP 180

If you find a way not to write any IELTS exam to fulfill your relocation goal, will you follow it?

Lost 37,560 GHS writing IELTS

Lost N2, 400, 000 writing IELTS

Lost $6, 589 writing IELTS

 The Game Changer: Sit tight 

I immigrated without writing IELTS some years ago so I want to show you the step-by-step guide how I did it.

I am ready to provide this information to anyone interested in coming to Canada and could proof they were taught in English language while in school. This Same practical guide has been used by 137 people both individuals' and families to come to Canada.

Then I also spoke with my Nigeria friend who is a trained and certified travel expert [IATA-qualified]. He has worked with hundreds of Canadian African immigrant in the past 17 months


Saviors Daniel, provided me with clarity and up to date information

Before I talk about this most-reliable pathway

The most popular way to relocate to Canada as a Permanent Residence with your entire family is through the express entry and provincial nomination program


If you move to Canada through this pathway, you will face 2 big challenges in Canada, Yes big challenges 


1] Canadian experience. Most companies and recruiters prefer to hire someone who has work background in Canada than outside Canada. It won’t matter your educational qualification or work experience in your home country 


2] Canadian education. You will need to enroll for a diploma or degree program to be able to work in your primary profession or change to a lucrative job in the environment you find yourself 

Eventually you will have to work and study to integrate yourself properly into the Canadian economy but it’s worth right

This most-reliable pathway solves this imminent challenge all new immigrant in Canada faces. It removes all stumbling block created by express entry or provincial nomination program   

But you also can


1] work for up to 20 hours per week

2] obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit before processing your permanent residency

3] bring an accompanying spouse or common-law partner to Canada on an open full-time work permit

4] bring accompanying minor children, put them in high-quality Canadian public school for FREE till they graduate

5] become eligible for Canadian permanent residency and eventually Citizen within 3 years.


The unique and fastest pathway is called 

Study/Education route to relocating to Canada Permanently


The study can be Academic, professional or vocational 

CASE STUDY: Failed IELTS twice. Low Proof Of Fund. Adetoye Babatunde, Access bank Graduate Trainee used this pathway to relocate to Canada Within 76 Days without using any Travel Agent or submitting IELTS academic test result. He got 2 kinds of scholarship worth 17, 800 CAD and secured a part-time Laboratory Job

Do you also want to get a scholarship and part-time job in Canada Like Babatunde?

Now let me introduce the same guide Babatunde used to relocate to Canada through the study Pathway

No IELTS to Canada Guide:

A Street Credible, Practical Guide to Get Your Canada PR without Using any Travel Agent either you are 18 or 50

What you get inside this guide:

(You DO NOT need IELTS, Toefl, GRE, or WES Transcript Evaluation)

1] Step-by-step guide on securing admission & scholarship from Canadian Schools whether you had first class or 2:2 result.

2] List of Schools that give guaranteed entrance scholarship.

3] Verified List of Schools that doesn’t require IELTS/TOEFL except English proficiency letter occasionally and how to get it.

4]  List of schools to apply if you have 2:2, third class or pass. You are also eligible if you don’t have any form of higher education but credit pass in 5 core subject in your secondary school exam.

5]  Learn how to find funded masters and doctoral programs that will help you achieve your goals and how to make faculty connections to strengthen your candidacy which includes finding supervisor in that school

6]  Sample Personal statement and letters to Supervisor by students that already got scholarships.

3 Study Abroad centers Failed Me

7] How to Position Yourself For Research or Teaching Assistantship. 


8] How to apply for a master’s degree in Canada as an HND holder.

9] How to increase your chances of approval for Canadian study visa. 


10] How to fill your visa application form correctly to the point of submission online or offline.

11] How to apply for open work permit for your spouse if you have one.

12] How to relocate your family successfully.

13] How to transition to Permanent Resident in Canada.


As if that’s not enough, You’ll be getting this EXTRA BONUSES: 

1] 12 Month Unlimited Updates about How to Relocate, Live and Prosper In Canada Worth $1,200 [400k]

2] Document Swipe box: Academic CV, Visa SOP, Personal Statement, Recommendation Letters, Sponsorship letters, Sponsorship letter  Worth $500 [170k]

3] Items you can bring to Canada when coming Worth $250 [100k]

4] Sites to Check For Accommodation and Jobs in Canada Worth $250 [100k]

5] Step-by-step guide of how to avoid Visa denial Worth $500 [170k]

6] Over 20 real case studies of those who got their Study visa approved Worth $250 [100k]

7] Over 80 landing Gist of How People Settled in Canada $250 [100k]

8] 7 hot skills to learn before moving to Canada that generate $1550 monthly Worth $100 [35k]

Obviously I am not going to charge you Total Value: $3, 300 even though it worth it

The Total Value For No IELTS To Canada Guide + Bonuses:

$3, 300 or N1, 196, 250 or 19,050 GHS

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How am I sure what you’re saying is true and will work for me?

Got Admitted In Ottawa University

Liya Addisu, 33 years Old Ethiopian Got Admission To George Brown College, Ontario and Customer Service Representative Job

Who Has This Worked For?

Failed Severally Trying To Get Supervisor, Finally Got $25,000 Funding for His Masters at MUN plus $3,500 extra September 2020

Got $12,850 Ph.D scholarship at UBC with PPR on October 28th 2020 Plus All Her Kids

Waiting for Visa Approval after Agent Disappointment!

Visa Approved after Refused Twice!

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Luke Xavier Got Teaching Assistantship in U. of Saskatoon paying him 1,350 CAD per month

Questions People Are Asking...

Question #1: Will all the information be relevant to relocate from my home country to Canada legally? 

Yes, Canadian visa application is same requirement for all African immigrant except Morocco and Senegal with slight difference.

Question #2: Will It Work For Me?

It depends, if you’re not an Action Taker, it won’t work and no magical technique will work for you because you won’t do anything with it. 

If you’re willing to take action and follow the easy step by step training… 

This will work for you as long as you follow the instructions provided inside the Guide.

Question #3: Is this a video training or just an ebook?

In order to make it accessible to others in different part of the world, we have carefully packaged everything you need in to… 

+ Video Training Program 

+ PDF Guides 

+ Group Support 

+ Done For You Templates 

+ ADVANCED Case Studies 

+ Extra Bonuses 

+ And So Much More… 

Which you can immediately or easily download to your phone or laptop to watch & read later… Nothing whatsoever will be shipped.

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